Ryoko Takahashi

高橋 涼子



信条は『ゆっくり、丁寧に、大切に』。ご理解頂けるクライアントさんとお仕事させて頂き、楽しみに して下さるファンの皆さまへ温もりある作品をお届け、そして自身も小さな幸せを感じる日常に感謝し、静かなる情熱を音楽に注いでいる。

Ryoko Takahashi

She is a singer & songwriter in Japan. Many people are fascinated by the relaxed singing voice. Funabashi city is her hometown and holds a big solo concert every year.

She have made songs like provided for TV programs and every song has been highly evaluated. In addition, she is a big travel lover. She travels all over Japan and performs in concerts in many places. Especially in Hokkaido, she serves as the  tourism ambassador of Abira Town and performs in the big festivals in Abira.

A few years ago, she went to Denmark to perform in the stage of Sakura Festival in Copenhagen. Also she went to Brazil to perform in Festival do Japao (Brasilia), in Japanese IZAKAYA Quito Quito(Sao paulo),and more. Now you know how she loves her job and loves traveling all over the world.

She once challenged to win a major debut but noticed that the speed was too fast and it was too competitive for her. So she retired from that kind of society and became a freelance singer & songwriter. She wishes to work slowly and politely, make good songs and keep singing forever.